Cross training: Yoga

After finishing my second marathon of the year and having missed six weeks of valuable training time in the lead up to race two due to ITB, I have made the decision to improve my flexbility and hopefully reduce future injuries.

This year is the first in my 10 years of running that I have had to deal with injuries – and I didn’t like it one bit! I realised as I got older and the laughs from my physio got louder that I needed to do something to improve my flexibility. I have since recommitted to post-run stretching and for the first time in years can touch my bum with my foot when I do a quad stretch 🙂 The next step was to sign up for a yoga class. My gym runs three a week at lunch time, so three weeks I ventured off to my first class.

It was a little daunting, having never done anything like that before, but I went at my own pace and felt pretty good afterwards. My downward dogs and sun salutations were great and I could feel my back stretching out. The years of neglect of stretching certainly restricted me on a number of moves though and I know there is a lot of work ahead before I think I’ll truly be able to complete a lot of the moves, even at a basic level.

I figure though that something is better than nothing so I will keep at it for a while yet and see how I feel, how my flexibility goes and the impact that it has on my running. I’m not going to be shouting the benefits from the rooftops yet as I’m just not sure if it is for me, but this experiment of one will continue for a while yet.

What is your favourite cross training exercise? Do you find yoga has helped your running?


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