Travelling for work: fitting in training

busrunningDue to a major incident in my work I’ve had to spend the last week away from home, living out of a suitcase in a motel. Although the work has been hard, the hours long and the focus has been on managing the incident for the business, it did also pose a challenge to me on how to get some training in.

I knew the morning before heading off that I was going to be away for the week so I was able to pack my running shoes, a few pairs of shorts and a mix of t-shirts and singlets. Work days were long with early starts so morning runs were taken out of the equation but I was able to set aside time for an evening run between leaving the workplace and meeting up with colleagues for dinner.

The one positive of the experience was that I was able to run in a completely new environment, along the coast of a small town called Warrnambool in regional Victoria.

The Warrnambool coast, a beautiful but windy training run

The Warrnambool coast, a beautiful but windy training run

It is known as the surf coast with high winds and massive surf. There is also a great paved trail that runs along the coast.

On the first day I headed out and put in six kilometres along the coast, enjoying the scenery and awestruck at the power of the waves. I was making great pace, felt very comfortable and was seriously considering a sea change – until I turned around and had to deal with a massive headwind on the return six kilometres!

I’ve managed to get a run in most days, including a hills session, and braved the hotel gym for a short strength session which was worthwhile. I’ve missed been away from my wife and daughter and work has been exhausting, but with a little bit of forethought to throw my running gear into my bag I’ve been able to maintain my training and possibly even got in more runs than normal without the pressure of the family commitments.

The long work hours though has undoubtedly impacted the quality of my training with less sleep than normal and minimal recovery time.

How do you factor in training when you have to travel?


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